I am very grateful to all readers who have manifested their encouragements in these difficult moments. Treatments have already started and will go on for several weeks, with the hope that they will be effective.

A moment of reflection becomes necessary. Weeks, months, and maybe a few years are only lent to me. I have a very relative control on them inasmuch as I keep some projects that feed life. Medjupedia is a few months old and I only took the time to outline a small part of my medjugorjean itinerary and a few facts that provoked my indignation.

Before continuing with the third editorial that had been announced for mid-July, I would like to share with you — in one article that will follow next week — my main interrogations concerning the “collective construction” of Medjugorje. If circumstances force me to interrupt my writing, my interpellations will be already set on this blog and will be part of your reflections and discussions that you will prolong.

Indeed, the case of the Lady of Medjugorje won’t fade away for a while. Beyond the verdict of the Fourth Commission, manipulations, falsifications of historical documents, dissimulations, and duplicity — all nasty things committed against the 1978 Norms established by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — will still remain manipulations, falsifications of historical documents, dissimulations, and duplicity…

With my cordial greetings,

Louis Bélanger